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Coronavirus Update

Our volunteer opportunities will continue to take place unless you are notified of a cancellation.  However please do not volunteer if you are sick.
If you feel at all ill, please remove yourself from the opportunity and self-quarantine!
For more info on Coronavirus visit the CDC page here.
For the latest map on Coronavirus in the U.S. click here.


NOTE:  Please be aware that the volunteer opportunities presented here at for DEMO purposes only, and not really taking place. If you are an interested volunteer, please do not sign up for these opportunities - they are for test purposes of HandsOn Connect only. If you need assistance finding actual volunteer opportunities, feel free to email and I'll steer you in the right direction!

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We Need You Here!

Make Masks for First Line Responders

Are you interested in making masks for first line responders? If so, express interest in this opportunity and we will send you instructions on how to make a mask, what materials are needed, and where to send your completed masks. You will receive 2 hours of volunteer credit for each mask you create and send.

Mail-in Address for completed masks (Virtual)


Through 12/31/20

Interesting Friday

Express Interest in attending on a friday. Test opportunity

Parsippany-Troy Hills, NJ

10 spots available on 

11/27/20 4:00 PM + more

Arts and Crafts with Kids

Help Kids with creative projects while their parents are in parenting class.

Riverside, CA

9 spots available on 

12/4/20 6:00 PM + more

Adopt a Dog

Rescue a dog of the abandon

Atlanta, GA

10 spots available on 

11/27/20 7:00 PM + more

Virtual Classroom: Help Kids with Homework

Every Friday afternoon from 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm we invite students to our virtual classroom and provide volunteers who can help with homework-related questions. To drop into the virtual classroom on Fridays, to receive or offer help, just open your browser to: To participate, Express Interest below and we'll contact you and send you guidelines for best practices in on-line mentoring.

Virtual Online Classroom (Virtual)


Through 7/31/21

Help with Pets

Help us care for animals displaced by the wildfires. Volunteers will walk, play with, and help feed animals that have been displaced by the wildfires and other natural disasters. Feel free to bring treats!

Riverside, CA

10 spots available on 

11/27/20 12:00 PM + more

Clerical Help Needed (ISO - with schedule)

This is an EIO with schedule - for testing one-step signup.

Riverside, CA


Through 12/30/20

Pay phone visits to shut-ins

Here's a chance to provide much needed contact for those isolated at home by COVID-19. Express interest and we'll set you up with one or more 'phone buddies' who you can check in with and help break their social isolation.


Through 12/31/20

Join our Virtual Phone Bank

Interested in helping out by calling Seniors and other COVID-19 shut-ins and providing some much needed companionship? Let us know you're interested and we will set you up with a schedule for calling people!


Through 12/31/20

Virtual Opportunity - Knit Blankets for Kids in Need

Do you know how to knit? We are looking for volunteers who will commit to creating a 6 x 6 knitted blanket which will be donated to a child in need at one of the shelters in our city. This is a virtual opportunity that can be done at home and will greatly benefit the children who are living in local shelters. Download this document for complete instructions on completing this project: The document includes information on: Materials needed Basic knitting instructions for beginners Time frame for submitting Where to mail or deliver the completed blanket to additional details Please click on 'express interest' below to indicate that you plan to complete this project. We'll be in touch with you via email with further details.

Mailing Instructions for Blankets (Virtual)


Through 12/31/22

Disaster Response Interest Group: Template & Instructions

NOTE: This is a template opportunity to use as a model when disaster strikes. Follow these instructions to quickly create a disaster-specific 'recruiting' opportunity to publish as soon as you activate your Disaster CMS pages: Create a New Volunteer Opportunity for this disaster: 1. Use the volunteer opportunity wizard and populate the fields as follows: Volunteer Opportunity Name = "[Name of Disaster] Volunteer Response Group" Primary Impact Area = Disaster & Emergency Services" Managed by = Affiliate Opportunity Coordinator (whoever is overseeing communicating with disaster volunteers) Organization Served = your organization (HOC Customer record) Type = Activity Activity Type = Other Disaster Opportunity Type = Disaster Response & Recovery Minimum Age = 18 Minimum Age (w/adult) = 14 (or whatever suits your business practices) Schedule Type = Individally Scheduled Registration Type = Express Interest Only Start Date = Today's Date End Date = projected end for recruiting recovery volunteers (this date can be extended at a later date if desired). 2. Give the opportunity a description (see below for example) Description: Please express interest in this opportunity if you wish to be added to our daily mailing list of volunteer opportunities assisting with the recovery from Hurricane Sandy. Volunteers will be needed most during the recovery phase of this disaster. [Name of your organization] will be working with area nonprofits to quickly get the word out where volunteers are needed to assist. Please be patient and wait until community-based organizations are ready to use your assistance. To get the latest information on [Name of Disaster}, and a link to all current volunteer opportunities associated with recovery, click here. (***This should be linked to the Volunteer Event Page associated with this disaster) By expressing interest in THIS opportunity, you will be added to our mailing list and regularly get information on volunteer opportunities as they are added to our site. Thanks for your interest in helping us respond to [Name of Disaster] 3. Associate this opportunity with the Volunteer Event you've created for this particular disaster. 4. If there is additiional information you need from your volunteers that may be helpful in relation to this disaster - add custom questions to get answers you can report on later! 5. Publish and make active. Usage: Use this 'express interest only' opportunity as a way to find out which volunteers are available and interested in responding to this particular disaster. (Note: volunteers who, in the past, said they wanted to respond to disaster may be out of town, may be unable to volunteer at this time, or may have moved out of the area). This opportunity will give you a current list of volunteers who wish to respond to this particular disaster. All the connections for this opportunity can be exported and used as a mailing list for disaster response. For best results - use an external mass-mailing program and send daily updates to all the connections for this opportunity, giviing them situational updates and providing direct links to volunteer opportunities for specific disaster-response opportunities on the site.


Through 8/31/22