Volunteering in Disaster - Inland Empire Wildfire Response

Thanks for your interest in helping your community recover from this disaster! The best way that you can help is to be part of an organized effort that is working in coordination with local emergency response officials. 

Volunteer LA is leading the effort to organize and manage volunteers in response to the San Fernando Valley Wildfires. Through the Emergency Volunteer Center (EVC), we are registering volunteers in an efficient manner and connecting them to disaster-related needs.

Click here to see immediate Volunteer Needs.

Can Volunteers Help You Meet Your Agency Needs?

Do you have needs that have been caused by this disaster? If so, can volunteers support your organization in addressing these needs? 

Volunteer LA plays a special role in Los Angeles following a disaster by connecting volunteers to meet the disaster-related needs of community-based organizations. Through our Emergency Volunteer Center (EVC), we are identifying community needs and placing them in queue for when appropriate volunteers become available.

Media Information

Volunteer Los Angeles' Emergency Volunteer Center (EVC) is central to Los Angeles' community response to the San Fernando Valley Wildfires. We welcome media coverage to publicize the important role that volunteers are playing in helping their community recover from this disaster. Guidelines for filming and conducting interviews in the EVC are available, as well as contact info for Volunteer LA's Public Information Officer.

Official Updates

The LA County Office of Emergency Management - the government agency managing the disaster - has the latest update on the San Fernando Wildfires.

Non-Volunteer Related Needs
Voluntehe LA's role in disaster is the coordination of spontaneous volunteers in the Los Angeles area, in partnership with local disaster response officials. For non-volunteer related needs and questions, we suggest calling 3-1-1, the City of Los Angeles' information resource line. You can also visit them online.

Make a Donation in Support of Disaster Recovery

Learn how you can make a donation to support those affected by the San Fernando Valley Wildfire. Please note: donations for this disaster are being handled by CaliforniaVolunteers, the CA State agency responsible for donations in disaster.

Support Volunteer LA 

Volunteer Los Angeles is committed to taking on the responsibility of coordinating volunteers in disaster. We are a part of the solution to seeing our community recover as quickly and thoroughly as possible. We welcome and appreciate any support for our EVC program and other volunteer-related programs.