The projects listed on this page are Virtual Opportunities.  They are all opportunities you can participate in from your own or office, or anywhere you have an Internet connection.

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Make Masks for First Line Responders

Are you interested in making masks for first line responders? If so, express interest in this opportunity and we will send you instructions on how to make a mask, what materials are needed, and where to send your completed masks. You will receive 2 hours of volunteer credit for each mask you create and send.

Mail-in Address for completed masks (Virtual)

Through 12/31/21

Virtual Classroom: Help Kids with Homework

Every Friday afternoon from 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm we invite students to our virtual classroom and provide volunteers who can help with homework-related questions. To drop into the virtual classroom on Fridays, to receive or offer help, just open your browser to: To participate, Express Interest below and we'll contact you and send you guidelines for best practices in on-line mentoring.

Virtual Online Classroom (Virtual)

Through 7/31/21

Virtual Opportunity - Knit Blankets for Kids in Need

Do you know how to knit? We are looking for volunteers who will commit to creating a 6 x 6 knitted blanket which will be donated to a child in need at one of the shelters in our city. This is a virtual opportunity that can be done at home and will greatly benefit the children who are living in local shelters. Download this document for complete instructions on completing this project: The document includes information on: Materials needed Basic knitting instructions for beginners Time frame for submitting Where to mail or deliver the completed blanket to additional details Please click on 'express interest' below to indicate that you plan to complete this project. We'll be in touch with you via email with further details.

Mailing Instructions for Blankets (Virtual)

Through 12/31/22